Success Story #3 – Phillips 66

DOE is an unbiased survey of a phenomenon. The downside is you need to know when to use it. The view must be worth the climb.” -Chad Ellis

Welcome back to the third installment of Objective Experiments Success Stories! This month we picked the brain of Chad Ellis, a research scientist and former chromatography team leader at Phillips 66.

While our previous interviewees shared their wisdom regarding their individual processes of thought and action with regard to DOE, Chad’s leadership experience soon became the topic of our conversation.

In a recent project Chad had to work with his coworkers to identify the best model for application in the DOE. There wasn’t an obvious choice, but after discussing the pros and cons of two different approaches they chose one that seemed to have the most potential.

“We just did it,” Chad said.

Indeed, taking action proved to be the correct decision. One of the beautiful elements of DOE is the ability to gain valuable and objective knowledge with an imperfect model, and Chad’s understanding of that intricacy guaranteed a successful finish to his six-month project.

We also discussed ideas that would be of benefit to new users of DOE and those who’ve yet to learn the method.

“The best way to go into the training is to have at least two specific projects in mind, and to use the training course as a time to evaluate the application of DOE. If you can, talk with your supervisor about how it could fit into your goals.”

In a world so fond of precedent it’s easy to be discouraged from trying new methods. Establishing goals which self-impose a pressure to innovate can help justify your actions when they may appear unconventional. Having a backup plan is prudent in work and for ensuring you gain the maximum benefit from training. Finally, don’t be afraid to just take action.

On behalf of Objective Experiments we’d like to thank Chad for his time, wisdom, and leadership. Our next success story will be published on June 15th. Until then, keep celebrating your success!

Chad’s advice to form specific goals, get buy-in from superiors and decision makers, and to speak to your instructors or experienced coworkers are consistent with successful people in all fields. We’re always happy to answer questions, provide guidance, or hear about your success stories toll-free at 888-764-3958


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