Success Story #7 – Halliburton

Everyone’s embraced it overall. I think it’s a great tool and extremely powerful.”

Hello readers new and faithful! Welcome and welcome back to Objective Experiments Success Stories, where we share the true achievements, challenges, and advice of Design of Experiments veterans and experts in their respective fields.

This month we spoke with Greg Grosz, Principal Engineer at Halliburton and certified Objective Experiments Problem Solver. Greg has been using DOE for approximately three and a half years. In that time, Greg’s team has heavily used DOE for testing.

“The best aspects [of DOE] are the efficiency of building and augmenting your data and the accuracy and repeatability of the process,” Greg summarized.

While some of our previous interviewees have faced some push-back from coworkers or management about using DOE, Greg denied any such issues in his work.

“Everyone’s embraced it overall. I think it’s a great tool and extremely powerful,” he said.

The difficulties Greg has experienced and overcome are more of the procedural variety than the interpersonal. Specifically, Greg acknowledged that despite the power of software in analyzing experiments, there is no substitute for expertise and knowledge regarding your factors.

“Defining your problem is by far the most valuable first step,” Greg explained. “If you don’t ask the right question, you can have difficulty with extrapolating information.”

Greg also acknowledged that there’s a bright side as well to the challenge of asking the right question:

“It’s a method that inspires a lot of curiosity and creativity.”

On behalf of Objective Experiments and all of our readers, thank you Greg for sharing your wisdom and inspiring us to follow your encouraging example! Keep an eye out for our next success story, or if you have a story of your own share it with us toll-free at 888-764-3958 or in the comment section below.

Here’s to your continued success!


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